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Calogero (a.k.a. Kalo’) was born in 1982 in Favara (in the province of Agrigento, Sicily) where he develops his artistic inclination. He learnt the photographical techniques and methods by collaborating with several professionals in the surrounding territory. He soon understood that his propensity is reportage, more than posed shooting (for which he does not feel any esteem). He undertakes wedding photography, conceiving the wedding photography as a story made by images and as a story of a day without artificial situations, by capturing spontaneous moments. He never accepted to change his peculiar style and instead brought forward the simplicity that characterize it.

In 2010, he began his professional experience, expanding it to the whole Sicilian area a few years later.

From time to time, he loves taking photos of his roots by capturing faces, smiles, traditions and faith in God, who will never renounce.




It would be wrong saying that the entire service is based on pure spontaneity.

When thinking about wedding reportage, I mean a story-telling that does not force the bride and the groom to a static pose, in contrast to their natural aptitude. On the contrary, I think of something that leaves them free to live their Day without the pressure of the shoot and the obsession of a chasing photographer. “Kidnapping“the couple for the entire day making them feel exhausted,  it has certainly never been my style.

To me it is important getting to know the couple and understanding their personalities, their subjectivities. This allows me to understand how to work and how to tell the story of their Day at my best. Putting the bride and the groom at their ease is part of my job as I believe taking a picture is not just pressing a button: you need to interpret and to do so, you need to be empathetic, talkative and even playful sometimes.

Part of the photographical story-telling obviously includes the more typical pictures of family, friends, surroundings and little details. I also love adding some creative shooting (portraits, pictures of the couple, etc) and of the finer details (faces, people, surroundings) to the actual story, minute per minute events.

My main aim is to have the couple enjoying themselves, as this is the best way to achieve dynamic and joyful pictures that truly tell the reality.

The entire service revolves around the complicity between the bride, groom and the photographer. It then becomes easy to give hints to the protagonists of the Day to make sure that they interact without any strictness, to achieve a delightful shoot. This way it is possible to make the most of venues, locations perspectives and angles in an almost natural way.



The photographer is entrusted of the tactful task to collect, through images, the emotions and the best moments of a wedding. For this reason, the photographer must be carefully chosen. It is important to understand that the story of that day is a story that your children will listen and visualize through the photos. It is therefore fundamental that the author of this story really knows how to write it through images, as a writer would do with words.




Elegance must not be given for granted. On the wedding day, even the photographer needs to present himself with good manners. This is why observing an appropriate dress code allows me to blend in as much as possible. It often happens that someone does not even realize I am the photographer and this way you can capture more images with your camera that you can imagine! Someone would think this is just a minor detail, but I love mentioning it ;-)

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